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Complex or Simple or Somewhere In Between

Here's two videos I seen today from opposite ends of the film making spectrum which are both worth a watch for different reasons.

The first is a Chase Jarvis RAW video about how he is using the RED One, DSLRs, cranes, dollies, etc. to get all sorts of interesting and creative shots.  I find this type of thing very inspiring…

The second is a quick interview/review with Claudio Von Planta (he of Long Way Round fame) shot by Jonathan Richards using a hand held iPhone, all in portrait for some reason.  You can't get much more basic than this but with a bit of creative editing the video really hangs together.  I find this as inspiring as the first video but for different reasons.  Mainly that anyone, if they have something interesting show or say, can make reasonably compelling videos with next to no equipment…

Claudio's Electric Motorcycle from Jonathan Richards on Vimeo.

Follow both Chase and Claudio on twitter: @chasejarvis @vonplanta