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Robots + Astronauts + Cameras = Awesome

I was going to post this following video as yesterday's Monday Morning Mini Movie but it turns out it is an advert.  That aside, you can't get much better than cameras mounted on repurposed 6 axis industrial robots filming Sally Ride and Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell with some archive footage of Appollo thrown in for good measure.


Although these robotic rigs are great for smooth panning shots but where the will really excel is recreating pre programmed "hand held" shots.  Remember Derren Brown's lottery prediction stunt?  That was probably filmed on a pre programmed rig which only had two axis so the the camera only moves on two dimensions.  If he had used these babies he could have had the camera moving all over the place.

Anyway, if any one has a spare robot laying around, I have a couple of ideas about how to use one in a really creative way...

Here's the explanation vid of the lottery stunt: