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Escape From Meriden Winter 2017 - Race Report

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Escape From Meriden Winter 2017 - Race Report (a bit long sorry)
The hardest thing I've ever done. I had three goals, first to get the Gold Medal (60 miles from start point), second was to reach 130km/80miles in the 24 hours, and third was to reach the BG. I nailed the first two which means I should be able to do 13 laps at Thunderrun next year before starting a sneaky 14th in just before midday.
For various reasons my route planning and route following didn't go to plan, instead of the BG being a 141 ish run it would have been a 155 ish run, too far even if everything else had gone to plan. Oh well, maybe next time.
Didn't see Ian after the first couple of km, it looks like he took his own unique route. The weather was fine though it was always a bit cold. The battery on my phone died around 7pm as I had taken an untested battery pack with me, whoops, I should have know better. 
Meeting up with Lorraine at Congleton and running the last 15km with her was amazing! Thank you Lorraine. I may have got gold without you but I won't have managed that extra 5km up to midnight.
The Aftermath, only two small blisters and numb toes but my left ankle is swollen up quite badly, will need to rest it for a while.
The messages you all sent me and the comments you were leaving on facebook really helped! I've just read through them all again now. Thank you.
I need to say big thanks to Dave, David, Lauren, Sarah, Lorraine, and Tim for the kit you lent me, a big thanks to Jane for the training plan and the others on the Ultra Group. Thanks to Lauren for picking me up at midnight and to Sarah for all your support.
131km 81 miles in 13:53:17
Average Pace - 10:56 per km (For context at Thunderrun I averaged 12:25 per km, for Gritstone Grind 10:37 per km over 56km.)
Average Moving Pace - 8:38 per km
Hours Awake - 40
Estimated Calories - 12,220
Elevation - 498m
Cups of tea - 3
Baby Bels - 7
Kitkat Chunkies - 6
Bottles of water and energy drinks - 15 or 16
Business phone calls - 1

Escape from Meriden Plans

This weekend I'll be running about 88 miles from Meriden near Coventry to the Bowling Green pub in Chorlton, Manchester.  I'll be running from Friday night midnight to Saturday midnight. 

I'll be posting photos and update on the Facebook event page which you can check out or join here:

You can track me on the Race Drone here:

Every 10km I'll be adding my time, live as I run.  Look at the "Actual Time" column and compare it to the other columns to see how I'm doing and what my predicted finish time will be.

And finally a map of my route which you can also find on Viewranger here:

Duke of York Visits Tech Hub Manchester

Last week Prince Andrew visited Tech Hub and I was asked to take some photos and shoot some video.  I took about 1000 in all and most are in this video.  I didn't edit the photos at all (except cropping them to 16:9) and appear in the video in the same order they came out of the camera.  Enjoy.

Barclays Tech Innovation Challenge Live Stream and Video

I've recently been involved in a complex project for Barclays which involved live streaming the launch of the project to schools in Manchester, Cheshire and Lithuania.  Then I traveled around some of the high schools to record the teams progress.  Then finally I live streamed (securely behind a password as kids were involved) the finals day at Barclays, including the prize giving which was done by The Chancellor George Osborne MP.  

Here's a short 1 min video I made for Barclays covering the full project.

So as you can see not all the shots were shot in the same style as the video is a mix of footage from the live stream, footage shot on a DSLR, footage from the event filming cameras and even a couple of shots from my mobile phone.

The Gizwiz, The Pod Delusion and I

One of my New Years resolutions was to write and record for other peoples podcasts so back in January I contributed a bit about multidimensional travel systems to the Episode 219 of The Pod Delusion.  

Then this week I filmed a "My Favourite Gadget" segment which was featured on's Giz Wiz Show.  It went down very well with the hosts and the audience so here it is.  Jump to 32 mins in for my bit: