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Duke of York Visits Tech Hub Manchester

Last week Prince Andrew visited Tech Hub and I was asked to take some photos and shoot some video.  I took about 1000 in all and most are in this video.  I didn't edit the photos at all (except cropping them to 16:9) and appear in the video in the same order they came out of the camera.  Enjoy.

Barclays Tech Innovation Challenge Live Stream and Video

I've recently been involved in a complex project for Barclays which involved live streaming the launch of the project to schools in Manchester, Cheshire and Lithuania.  Then I traveled around some of the high schools to record the teams progress.  Then finally I live streamed (securely behind a password as kids were involved) the finals day at Barclays, including the prize giving which was done by The Chancellor George Osborne MP.  

Here's a short 1 min video I made for Barclays covering the full project.

So as you can see not all the shots were shot in the same style as the video is a mix of footage from the live stream, footage shot on a DSLR, footage from the event filming cameras and even a couple of shots from my mobile phone.

The Gizwiz, The Pod Delusion and I

One of my New Years resolutions was to write and record for other peoples podcasts so back in January I contributed a bit about multidimensional travel systems to the Episode 219 of The Pod Delusion.  

Then this week I filmed a "My Favourite Gadget" segment which was featured on's Giz Wiz Show.  It went down very well with the hosts and the audience so here it is.  Jump to 32 mins in for my bit:

New Years Resolutions 2014

So here's my to 5 resolutions for 2014:

1. Blog about what I'm doing more...
Over the last few months I've love stranded Hack Manchester, Startup Weekend, Barclays Bank events, Boxing Press Conference and Weigh Ins etc. and yet looking at my website you would not know it. Get your act together Nathan!

2. More Podcasting...
In 2012 I have contributed to the Pod Delusion, Tech News Today and The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast which I hope to continue to do in 2014. I also produced the Northology Tech Podcast for a few months but had to give it up as it was eating into my paid work. So in 2014 I'd also like record more Is This A Good Idea episodes and mage it a weekly show by February.

3. Get Fit Again...
100 Push Ups? 10k Manchester and Leeds Run? 1 mile swim? Yes I'll be doing all those things in 2014!

4. Make Spoonful App a reality...
And I'll also be working on making Pigeon Post Systems and the physical package protocol known me widely. More details about this will coming soon.

5. Learn To Code...
Not sure what language and not sure what platform but I want to be able to communicate with developers in their own lingo with more than the smattering of terms I've picked up by osmosis.

And that's it for now! See you in 2014!