Ethical Statement

The Nathan Rae Productions Ethical Policy (Beta) informs you which events, companies or organisations with which we will and will not work.  If you are not in one of the groups below, we will give you a quote.

We will also not engage in, but are willing to film, activities which are illegal in your jurisdiction* including copyright infringement.  


Arms Industry:  We are ok with showing depictions of violence for entertainment (eg. films or computer games) or real violence between consenting adults (eg. boxing), but we will not help you enable or promote the use of violence or the threat of violence for problem solving (eg. war and oppression).


Pyramid Schemes, Multi Level Marketing or Other Scams:  Although many of these practices are not illegal we are just not going to promote or enable them.  Stories of financial success are very powerful, but if your business plan relies on a large turnover of uninformed "losers" for every winner, we wont help you tell them.


"Alternative" or Non Science Based Medical Practices or Devices:  Videos of people telling their stories of being healed are very powerful and often more convincing than scientific data.  But if you don't have the scientific data to back up these stories, we will not be working with you.


* Unless you are protesting unjust laws or practices in your jurisdiction.**

** Though first you'll have to convince us that your cause is just*** and is one we should support.

*** Yep, Ethics is complex and should never be reduced to an inflexible written statement or policy.