Experimental Film Art

Experimental Film Art by Nathan Rae

Here are some Experimental Films which I have created over the past few years!

Some are personal, some were designed as instillations and some were university projects.  This page does not including any pieces from my project "An Experimental Film A Week For A Year!" so head over there for 26 more artistic films.

"Lost In Berlin"

"Juggling Ball Tracking"

An exploration of movement by isolating and holding a moving object.  I filmed Ewan juggling 3 stage balls then in Final Cut Pro tracked each ball individually. I then played around with some ideas, presenting the movement in different ways to show the relationship of each ball with the other two.

"Four Artists Four Times"

I asked four artists to follow a short set of rules to make a creative 20 second video. I gave them a sketch of the first and last frame then filmed them making the video. I then edited the results into this experimental instillation film.

"A Slow Day at Manchester Uni Juggling Club"

A simple look at juggling in slow motion.


Experiments in how to shoot a hitch hiking documentary alone.  "Lift" was the result and can be seen here.