Practice for Excellent Event Video and Streaming

To make sure we produce the best quality video content possible at your event we strive to follow these principles and practice.

1.  A Quality Crew - All production crew have at least a Film Making or Media Production degree or similar qualification.  Many have won film festival awards or teach degree level video production courses.

2.  Professional Equipment - We always use manually controlled professional Full HD Cameras, Pro Microphones, Wireless HDMI and a Full HD Video Switcher, etc.  Some specialised shots or setups will use lower quality cameras, such as GoPro or suicide cams or small consumer camcorders.

3.  Capture Uncompressed Video and Cleanest Sound Possible - Many production companies record heavily compressed video to MiniDV tape or to SD cards.  We record uncompressed video at about 80MBs to a Solid State Hard Drive.

We also record audio directly from the venue sound desk, though if it isn’t good enough quality, we can mic up speakers directly to bypass any venue specific problems.

4.  Data and Equipment Redundancy and Check Lists - Should any piece of equipment break or have other issues, bring backup equipment to every event; cameras, leads, mics, etc.  We record video and audio at three different places on our workflow; on each camera, on the central computer, and when live streaming, in the cloud.

We use Preproduction, Camera Setup and Pre Streaming Checklists to reduce any the chance of preventable mistakes which even the most experienced people and organisations make.

5.  Live Editing - To speed up turn around time and to save you money, we will live edit all video and audio content during your event.  With some preproduction, mainly ensuring speaker's slides are correctly formatted, we can often often deliver final videos on same day as your event.


If you have any suggestions or comments about any item above we would love to hear your feedback.  Email