Film and Live Stream Your TEDx Event

A hassle free video production package is available from Nathan Rae Productions which is designed to exceed the specifications in your TEDx Licence.  The results speak for themselves:  Videos from previous events have be selected to be shown at the TEDGlobal Conference in Edinburgh and have been selected as "Editors Picks" or "Video of the Week" on the TEDx site.

Nathan Rae Productions has live streamed and produced videos for the following events:

  • TEDxSalford 1.0 and 2.0 in 2012, 3.0 in 2013 and TEDxSalford 4 in 2014.
  • TEDxManchester and TEDxLiverpool.
  • TEDxTeddington, a high school event in London.
  • TEDxUniversityOfYork, a Student Event run by a TEDx Student Society.
  • TEDxBrixton 2015, live from the Brixton Rec.
  • TEDxSheffieldHallamUni 2015.
  • TEDxEastEndSalon Dec 2015.
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Nathan at our TEDxSalford events. He has tremendous experience as well as the technical knowledge of event recording and live-streaming... We would recommend his work to anybody and vouch for his competency, reliability and professionalism.
— Mishal Saeed Curator of TEDxSalford, the largest TEDx event in the UK.

Full Video Production Package

For 2016:  A unique TEDx Conference Filming, Streaming and Post Production Package for organisers in the UK.  The package is as follows.

On the day:
3 HD Cameras with Operators.
Audio feed taken from the venue’s sound desk.
Live HD streaming to the Tedx account or Youtube.

Post Production:
All videos edited to TEDx specifications with intro and branding.
All videos finalised and uploaded to TEDx Youtube Uploader within 14 days of the event or sent to you via Dropbox.

Also included:
Crew, travel*, insurance and all equipment.  Speakers slides specification guide. Advice on stage/set design to improve video results.

Total Price:  £1300

Optional Extras:

  • Radio Lapel Mics and Handheld Mics.
  • Audio Mixer for Non Amplified Events.
  • Speakers for small venues.
  • Laptops and clicker for slides and videos.
  • Finalised video files in full quality plus all original footage and FCP10 edits delivered to you on a hard drive.


Live Streaming and Live Edit Only

A Live Streaming and Live Editing Package which uses the feeds from your own cameras and volunteers.  We use two way radios to direct your camera operators then live edit the event as it happens.

At the end of the day you are handed a hard drive with all the talks edited and ready to use.

Price From £600


Build Your Own Package

Adapt either package to meet your needs:

  • Change the number of cameras.
  • Add a handheld camera.
  • Use our radio mics and sound desk.
  • Use our laptops and projectors to play the TEDx Intro video and speakers slides.

Please email me for a specific quote for your TEDx Conference.

Nathan Rae


* Travel costs to venues outside of the green circle below will need to be added to the quote.  Accommodation costs may also be added for events with an early morning setup or setup on the day before the event.


Free travel map.png

** A 1TB Hard Drive can be provided by you or by NRP at £50.

Get A Quote For Your Event
Get A Quote For Your Event

An Example Video from TEDx Teddington 2013

Nathan (far right) and the student volenteer team at TEDxSalford 2.0 at The Lowry

Nathan (far right) and the student volenteer team at TEDxSalford 2.0 at The Lowry