And The Baby Arrives!

My day:

03.30 Woken by Shona who said her waters had broken. Very tired so was told to go back to sleep.

04.00 Woken again by Shona who was now having contractions. Had a shower.

04.30 Packed last bits and bobs in a bleary daze.

04.50 Loaded Shona and bags in to car and set off for the hospital.

04.55 Turned around and went home cos we had forgotten the essential medical notes. Contractions getting stronger.

05.00 Set off for hospital for the second time. Contractions getting even stronger.

05.25 Arrived at hospital. Contractions landing one on top of each other and very strong.

05.57 Baby is born after very short labor.

Everything else after that is not really so interesting but I'll give you the important stats.

Name: Seren Daisy Rae
Weight: 3.69kg
Sex: Girly

Shona and baby are both happy and healthy but are still in hospital for observation (our first baby had Group B Strep which almost killed her, so we are being careful with this one).

Any questions?