School's Out For Summer!

Yay! That's all my university work out of the way for another year!

I've handed in the last of my projects, had my last tutorial and I'm just waiting for my mark for the year. I know I've got at least a 2:1 but if I'm really lucky (or done good work) i might have got a first. Like I said, I'll just have to wait and see.

Things to do over the summer...

1. Get more paid work.
2. Finish my sisters wedding video from last summer (whoops sorry for the delay Susanna).
3. Film and edit pick ups for my last uni project ready to send it to every film festival that will have it (details to follow).
4. Edit a documentary about the British Young Juggler Of The Year which i filmed over easter 2007. I know there is a good film in there but I just haven't got around to editing it for 14 months.
5. Go on holiday.
6. Get my full motorbike license and a new bike.