How to kill a roof box...

We have just got back from a weekend away to attend my mother-in-law's wedding which didn't get off to a good start.

We drove all the way to Fleetwood, practiced the wedding at the wedding practice, got to the campsite and realised I had left the key to the roof box on my desk back in Manchester. This wouldn't have been much of a problem if we didn't mind camping without our sleeping bags, gas stove, sleeping mats, tent, chairs and just about anything which makes camping different from sleeping on the grass in the middle of the field.

A hack saw, wire clippers and a disregard for the long term health of the roof box helped me solve the problem and in only 90 mins I had unloaded the box.

So at the moment my chronically ill roof box is sitting in the garage with missing-hinge syndrome and indigestion caused by a very wet 6 man tent which will have to be removed and hung out to dry tomorrow.

Apart from that one hick up (and the rain while pack up)it was a (oh and the constant buzzing from the powerline) it was a perfect weekend!