How to move large videos across the world wide web...

When I'm working with clients I often need to show them a draft version of a video I'm editing. But how do I get the video file to them?
Post it to them on a DVD? Way to slow.
Email? Most email accounts have a 10mb limit so unless I compress the video to an unwatchable mess, email is out.
Youtube? I've used this in the past. I uploaded it, waited it to process, then emailed the ulr to the client. This worked well to a up to a point, but the service wasn't always reliable, limited to 10 min and was never good quality. It also meant that other people could see the video while it is live.

I now use which is free, quick, has a 100mb limit and is really easy to use. I upload the file, email a link to the client and they download it and watch it. Great!
Best of all it has a Final Cut Pro plugin program so I can upload videos directly from my editor without having to open firefox, etc.

I know this sounds like an advert but I'm not sponsored by them, getting free products or anything, I'm just impressed with the service they offer.

My baby Seren has been very sicky today, my eldest is off school for the next two days because of a strike and my middle little girl is going through the stage of refusing to do things like eat anything at meal times, get dressed, let me change her nappies, etc. I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just not expecting to get much work done this week...