WALL-E is for Excelent!

As the weather has been against us going out as a familyfor the last couple of weeks we planned a fail safe trip to the cinema this weekend. I had only heard good things about WALL-E so of we toddled to the local multiplex where they have a security guard walking around the car park at all times, it's in Gorton, see?

This trip out was special for us because it is the first time we have taken our two year old Charis to the cinema for her to watch a film. When she was very little we took her with us when we saw films like Mission Impossible 3, X Men 3 and Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and many other pointless squeals which were released that summer, but I don't think they count.

After sitting thru half an hour of adverts, trailers and more adverts we came to the short film which Pixar traditionally runs before their feature. In this case it was a magician and his disgruntled white rabbit fighting on stage using two magic hats. It was sooooo funny that by the end of it my sides were literally aching. It was pure distilled slapstick comedy of the highest standard! In fact it was so good I was worried that the feature wouldn't measure up.

I couldn't have been more wrong though because WALL-E has gone to the very top of my "Best Films that I have seen recently" list and almost to the top of my "Best Films I have seen in a long time" list and near the top of my "Best Films I have ever seen" list.

Like Toy Story it is an animated childrens movie which you forget is animated or childrens. I think both should be called "suitable for children" films or even "you really should take your children to see" films.

Charis loved it as well which i was very happy about. When WALL-E was happy so was she, when he was sad so was she, and the look on her face when WALL-E is almost (spoiler edit) was priceless.

We'll be going to the cinema a couple more times with Charis over the summer and I'm not expecting any other childrens film to come close to this one. But if one does, I'll let you know.