Catching up...

Well it's half way though the summer so I thought I'd look back at my "things to do" list and see which ones I can check off.

1. Get more paid work. Check! I've got a couple of jobs lined up for the next month. Yay!
2. Finish my sisters wedding video. Erm, no. But this is at the top of my editing list so I should have it done soon.
3. Film and edit pick ups for my last uni project. Check! This is all done now and has already been sent off to a couple of film festivals.
4. Edit a documentary about the British Young Juggler Of The Year. No.
5. Go on holiday. Check! Had a good holiday in France. Lots of cheese was eaten!
6. Get my full motorbike license and a new bike. Not only no, but the opposite! My provisional license has expired so I can't even ride my old crappy bike let alone a new one. I really need to get a license again or I'll have to get the bus to uni when I go back in September.

So that's 3 out of 6 (or three sixths or 50%). Not bad, but I definitely need to do 2 and 6 as soon as possible. 4 might have to wait a while longer.

I'm also going to add a couple more items...
7. Do one hundred push ups to increase strength and stamina ready for canoe club. In the initial test I was able to do 26 so I'm a quarter the way there already, 74 to go.
8. Decide what subject I'm going to cover in my final year essay. I'm not sure what to do it on yet but I have a couple of ideas.

Oh, and about my new office, here is a video of my two little ones in there.