Office and Equipment

A couple of weeks ago I decided I had put up with just enough distractions from the kids, Shona, and the dog while sitting at my desk in the kitchen area. So I built myself an office!
Well it was more like building a wall across the garage space, leaving enough room for my motorbike and other junk to be accessible from the outside, but creating a great office space just for me!

I have banned the kids from playing in the new space and have already developed a number of strategies for extracting Shona out of there when I need to work. The dog sneaks in every now and again, but from the yelps, I think he's learning not to.

The photo above was taken using the panoramic setting on my mobile phone. I like taking the three images, which are then stitched together, out of sync or with the camera tilted to create more interesting photos. Below is a key which shows the equipment in my office which I use to make films.

A. My Sony HDV HVR-V1p! It can record in full Hi Definition 1080p! The majority of projects I work on are delivered to the clients in standard definition or in internet ready formats but starting with High Definition means the videos have much clearer and crisper images.

B. iMac with Intel Core 2 Duo and lots of memory. I use Final Cut Studio Pro which can do just about everything I'll ever need. It supports Hi-Def video editing and can compress the video files ready for DVD, internet or showroom display, etc.

C. Extra Data Storage. At home I have over 1500 GB of storage which connects to the Mac as needed. If you had told me 10 year ago I would soon have a terabyte and a half at home I'm not sure I would have believed you. When I was at college I had 10MB allocated server space which was enough for all my college work and other files.

D. Extra Display. I can use this as a monitor to review video while simultaneously editing or just as extra window space for the internet, etc.

E. Wireless Printer / Scanner / Photocopier / Memory Card Reader / Tea Maker. Well it doesn't make tea but it seems to do just about everything else. Good space saver.

F. Wireless keyboard. Great for when I have to take my computer to other offices or when I want to use it as a display, no wires, no hassle.

G. Graphics tablet. I don't use a mouse any more because it leads to sore wrists and PTSD RSI if you are editing all day. Also the resolution of the movement isn't as good as the graphics tablet which lets me move the curser from one frame to the next while editing video.

H. The wireless mouse. Which I don't use any more.

I. My iPod.

J. My diary. Low tech is best! Paper is the only way to be sure I'm in the right place at the right time.

K. I'm not sure that there is a K on the photo.