Film 02/52 from An Experimental Film A Week For A Year.

Mexican 3 Ball Cascade (Or, How To Shoot A Hi Def Juggling Video Without A Hi Def Camera.)

Over on rec.juggling, a discussion forum I am an active member of, there was talk of a somebody wanting a video of just a three ball cascade for over 30 seconds and nothing else. Other people commented that there was no point to such a video as no one would want to watch it so that got me thinking: Can I make a 3 ball cascade juggling video and make it interesting?

I also set myself the challenge of shooting a High Definition juggling video but only using my crappy old standard def camcorder. The solution I came up with was to layer up many shots in a video collage so no pixel is stretched and the whole screen is filled.

The Mexico reference is to the music and the dull desert colour pallet I used and not to any North American style of juggling.

While I was editing the video in the living room Shona decided to use me as her subject for her photo blog. You can see the result here.