New Year, New Challenge: An Experimental Film a Week for a Year!

Feeling inspired by Paul Sewards "A Photo a Day for a Year" blog I have decided to do the same thing, but with films and not photos, and only one a week not every day. More similar than same then, but you get the idea. Basically I mean that by 2010 I'll have made at least 52 experimental films.

The Rules
Each film must be:
Made in one week (which means produced, shot, edited, everything).
Uploaded on Friday (or before) (or afterwards if I'm on holiday).
Between 30 seconds and 2 min in length.

By experimental I mean, something creative which involves an idea which develops as I work it through. If the finished film is exactly as I first imagined it, I've not experimented with it enough. For example, my Juggling Ball Tracking video was experimental, but this three ball juggling video is not.

So why am I setting my self such a challenge?
Well I find that I have a lot of good or interesting ideas for short experimental films but don't really have any reason to make a start. So with life and everything else getting in the way, I very rarely get around to producing them at all. I have at least five ideas for creative juggling videos which I will need volunteer performers to help out with. This challenge will hopefully provide me with the inspiration and focus to get off my backside and make them.

I also find that giving myself quite restrictive rules when making experimental films forces me to be more creative and to find novel solutions which are often more interesting than if I let myself make any type of tat. As the year progresses I may add additional rules for some months to see how they effect my work. I'll also be asking you (yes you, whoever you are, you there reading this blog) for guidelines and rules to push me in new directions.

And finally, making the videos as part of a ongoing blogable project will hopefully provide me with a group of people who can comment, advise, question and encourage my experimental film making skills.

I don't quite know where this challenge will get me by the end of the year, or even if I'll make it that far at all, but I know it will be good for me creatively and professionally and will improve my craft as an experimental film maker.

Any comments about this project are more than welcome. Encouraged and rewarded even! Hit the "add comment" below to get the conversation started!

So first film is due Jan 8th 2009!