Film 03/52 - Juggling Babysitting and Filmmaking

So what's the story behind this film? Well it starts with me leaving the filming way too late, one of my little girls being ill and the other being hyper. This meant that I had to shoot the film at the same time as keeping them both happy and healthy. This is more challenging than it sounds.

The experimental part of the video comes from the simple challenge of making a film filled with movement only using a static camera. I was planning on shooting this video at the Durham Juggling Club, with loads of juggling, passing and devil sticks on each "panel" but then I got a bit carried away with passing and I never got around to getting the camera out my bag. So in my living room I tried (unsuccessfully) to recreate the atmosphere by using myself as the only juggler.
The effect is a good one, especially as i tried to accentuate the parallax by moving the camera between each shot. Though I was the one juggling and the one who put in all the hard work making the film, I personal think that Seren steals the show this time.

Next week will be the last in my short "Juggling Video" series then I'm on to some other theme, probably trying out some effects using the slow motion setting on my camera. These films may feature juggling, but not by me, as the limits of my juggling skills have been reached.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Keep it coming.