Film 04/52 Brain Freeze

This is the latest and last in my Juggling Video series from my An Experimental Film A Week For A Year. In February it's onto something new but for now I present Brain Freeze:

Note: I can now embed HD videos right here on my blog so there's no need to go over to vimeo!

This film is the results of my experiments with "bullet time." Obviously if I had more time I could have done a much better job of it but I'm quite happy with the results. I started with a simple movement, but it just looked like I was standing still with the camera tracking past me. After a couple of tries I realised that bullet time only really works when objects are in min air or are hanging at an angle. So I pulled out the simple 3 ball cascade to demonstrate what can be done in about an hour of filming and a couple in the edit. In future I want to try the effect with multiple objects and subjects with much better lighting. The more light, the shorter the exposure and the sharper the frozen image. (In fact what I really want is a bullet time rig with 40 synchronised cameras, I wont get it though.)

The music was chosen after filming this week so doesn't fit muchly and the juggling isn't in time with the beats. If you like it you can find the artist and album at Enjoy!

Thanks for all the comments and responses to the project so far! I've had loads of good feedback on rec.juggling, facebook, on my blog and even on twitter! Keep it coming and we'll keep on inspiring each other.