Film 01/52 - Rolling Juggling Ball Effects

The first film of 52 from my new blog project: An Experimental Film A Week For A Year! See here for more details.

This is a test/experiment to see how I can use visual feedback between a big HD TV and my camera to create interesting live effects with no editing or post production. This system shows a lot of potential but I need to practice the "juggling" patterns more to make the performance side more engaging.

I struggled to get it in this 50 second shot, but there was a sweet spot on the screen where the ball rolling over that point changed the screen from black to blue or back again.

The black rectangle at the bottom is actually my coat sleeve covering the red "REC" icon which annoyingly wouldn't go away. Next time i try this sort of effect (cos i am planning to come back to this at some point) I'll try to find a more elegant solution.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Any suggestions about where this experiment could lead? Any comments? Hit the "comment" button below.