Lift at Exposures and on

My graduate film "Lift" seems to be doing quite well.  As you are probably aware it has been selected to be shown at the Exposures Film Festival 2009! 

As it is a short documentary it is eligible to win Best of Fest (it won't, documentaries never do), Best Documentary (it might, depends on the competition) and the Corona Award.  The Corona Award is decided by audience vote.  I think this is a cheeky way to encourage filmmakers to invite all their friends and family to vote for them, therefore increasing ticket sales.  I would never fall for such a tactic...


If you are able to, please come down to the screening and show your support!  Just being there with me and Shona would be great and, if you think my film deserves it, I won't try to persuade you against voting for it.  Here are the details:
What?  Exposures Film Festival 2009
Where?  Conerhouse Cinema, Oxford Road, Manchester.
When?  November 18th 4.30pm.
Specific Event?  Competition Screening: Programme 6.
How much? £3.50
Tickets?  Buy them online from the Cornerhouse website or from the box office.

I'll provide free tickets to any of the contributors to the documentary, even if they didn't make the final cut.  (Please email to you let me know.)  It's the least I can do as I wouldn't have a film without them. 

Competition Time: I'll also give a free ticket to the first person who spots the main difference between the new version of the trailer and the old one and leaves a comment below!

Lift has also been accepted by the Internet Movie Database and now has it's own page.  You can check it out here!
I've submitted load of credits, info and technical details but it all needs to be verified by the editing team so the page still looks a bit bare at the moment.  You can help by adding your comments, trivia, any goofs you know off and rating it as high or low as you think it deserves.  Thanks.

See you on the 18th at the Cornehouse!