I Win 5 Rae Awards...

... but then again only my experimental films were eligible and I'm the only judge!

Background to the "Rae Awards"

This time last year Shona and I were discussing what we were going to do creatively in 2009.
Shona chose to take "A Photo A Day" for her blog and has done surprisingly well!  She only missed a few days in September and a few in December when she was in hospital. I'll present her with the "Rae Photo Awards" when she's finished the year.

I set myself the challenge of making An Experimental Film A Week For A Year but didn't do so well in keeping up. I know this sounds like a list of excuses but my university films took priority from April to June then life got in the way in September and work took over in November.  Over all I made 26 out of 52 (yes exactly half) by September but decided to call it a day as I'd achieved what set out to. The whole point was to keep my creative muscles exercised and not get so bogged down in the planning and preproduction of Lift that I'd never pick up my camera.

The Awards

Most Views Award

The winner is...

  The reason this got so many views is that I made it to appeal to the tech savvy internet dwelling video viewer.  After it was posted on a couple of Mac Forums it got a lot of views and a lot of feedback. As I mentioned in a recent post, people are still falling for it.

Cutest Film Award

Nominations: Juggling Babysitting and Filmmaking and Stills Only.

And the winner is...

Every one loves this one, mainly the cute Seren walking in and out of each shot.


Peoples Favorite Award

Nominations: Juggling for Nelson, Shelf Stacking and Backwards and Forwards.

And the winner is...

For some reason most people really like this one.  It may be it's most like a music video, cut to the beat of a catchy track, but a lot of people just like the shelves! Weird.

Best Concept

Nominations Rolling Juggling Balls, No Doors, Green Ball Magic and Cut, That Was Good!

And the winner is...

Some ideas I had for my films seemed great when they developed in my head but fell flat.  Others seemed a bit weak but turned out much better.  Cut, That Was Good was one idea which i thought was good but turned out even better than I expected.


The Nathan Rae Judges Choice Award

Nominations: Cut That Was Good, Rolling Juggling Balls, Juggling for Nelson and Green Ball Magic.

And the Winner is...

This is an obvious choice for me.  It was the most fun to film, I put a lot of thought and planning into it and it turned out better than I expected!

Shona and I are planning a new project for 2010 which we can do as a whole family but I wont say anything more until I have the website sorted.