Film 06/52 - Tracking Stacking

This week I have taken my Juggling Ball Tracking concept into another pointless hobby. I got these cups a few years ago when I was running an after school games club and the kids loved Cup Stacking. In the past few weeks Charis has found them and now stacks her own made up sequences and I pick them up off the floor every 30 seconds or so.

This film is basically just another way of looking at the world around me. As with the Juggling Balll Tracking I selected one cup to track, then four, eight and twelve. The effect is interesting as it forces us to focus on the movement of individual objects and not the emergent patterns they create as a group.

This film did take a lot longer to make than most others this year so i don't think i'll do something so complicated for a while. Music is Never Win by Plug and Play. You can find more of their music here: