Film 07/52 - Stills Only

I know this video is late but I was on holiday last week so there was no way I could publish it before now! And I also didn't have a video camera so the only footage I could use were our "holiday snaps." These totaled over 400 and used 1.2 gig on my hard drive which goes a bit beyond holiday snaps but i don't know what else to call them.
So here is the result...

Obviously I didn't take all the pics (most were Shona's) and I didn't include every photo we did take but the video definitely gives a good impression of what we got up to (which wasn't much actually, just wondering from tea shop to cafe to restaurant occasionally visiting an odd castle, abbey or tourist trap.)

By the way, don't you think Seren is one of the cutest little squishy babies ever? Well I do.

If you like the film please link to it in any blogs, twitters, websites or facebook thingys you can, either at this page or using youtube.
I like it when my projects are seen by lots of people and people do seem to like them when they find them. Thank you.