Film 08/52 - My Week In Video

So this week I have been busy again but instead of going out of my way to shoot some original footage I decided to see what I already had. When I set myself this years rules I said I could only use footage shot that week. With this in mind I looked thru my camera phone, the videos from our stills camera, some video I shot for another project, etc. mashed it all up together and ended up a mini-microcosm of my week in video.

In the film you may see:
A toad I found.
Charis filming herself and Seren accidentally while trying to take pictures.
Me turning a rucksack into a camera bag.
Me kayaking down Town Falls in Llangollen badly and swimming.
Vert Kayaking (a new extreme sport I discovered)

The music this week is from the album Maxi Single Ride by Borea. The track is called Lazy. Yes this is a comment on my effort this week...