Update and a late Film 10/52

Did I mention I was ill last week? In bed Monday and Tuesday but on Thursday I thought I was well enough to do some test filming. Well I wasn't because that evening I ended up fainting in the kitchen while cooking rice pudding for the kiddies. Fortunately as I fainted I fell onto Shona who was sitting behind me and she was able to lower me to the floor. When I came round I felt so shook up we called NHS Direct and a ambulance took me to A+E. 3 hours later when the doctor saw me I was feeling a bit better but so tired he just sent me home to sleep.

Apart from my illness I have also been putting a lot of time into the pre-production of my graduation film which I am shooting next week! I'm making an experimental documentary about hitch hiking so I will hopefully be on the road from Monday to Wednesday next week. If me and my cameraman get picked up that is, if not our plans may have to change. Anyway, if you see two guys with cameras and mics hitch hiking next week, please pick them up.

So last week's film, "3, 4 and 5 Block Juggling" was the second in my Time Manipulation series for March. The juggled blocks are filmed at quarter speed then the footage is being "juggled" on screen at one eighth speed. I did put it up on vimeo and youtube last friday but have been so busy I've only just got round to posting it here. Bad Nathan.

Although it has it's good points, I think this is one of the weakest experimental films so far. The video in my head was a lot more interesting and compelling than the version which i was able to produce on my computer. Sometimes it is the other way around and an idea which I'm not so convinced about turns out to be very good. But that is why it is experimental i suppose: If all the experiments turned out exactly as I imagine them, then they are not experiments...