Charis' Birth Video Three Years Late

Three years ago, when we were on holiday, Charis decided to be born a few weeks before she was due. As we had my camera with us we decided to make a short video diary of the birth so Charis could watch it when she was old enough to understand. Unfortunately she was very ill, ended up in the Special Care Baby Unit and we lived with her in hospital for over a week. This meant that our short video diary turned into a 3 tape epic which has been sitting on a hard drive ever since.

We finally got around to making this short version for Charis' third birthday present. On first viewing she got quite upset because she doesn't like seeing people with plasters and needles sticking out of them, but since then she has watched it loads of times and loves it.

Predictably we used "Wires" by Athlete as this song means a lot to us for all the obvious reasons.