"Lift" A Hitch Hiking Documentary - Internet Premier

Today I handed in the last piece of coursework required to get my degree in Contemporary Film and Video. This was my journal. However, only moments before I handed in the final cut of "Lift." Here is the full film available to view for the first time!

(View film in full screen mode for High Definition.)

“A unique portrait of Britain on the move, told from the unusual perspectives of a Hitchhiker and the strangers who invite him into their cars and lives.”

I filmed for three days, traveled over 500 miles, was picked up 16 times and turned down 4 lifts from people who didn’t want to be filmed. I was left with over 10 hours of video footage, blisters, cold hands, slight sunburn and one broken microphone. More importantly I met a lot of interesting and generous people who shared their stories and opinions with me.

A huge thank you goes out again to the drivers and members of the public who so generously gave of their time and picked me up. It is your contribution that makes the film what it is. I would also like to thank Shona for all the help and support she has given me while I was shooting and editing the film.

If you have any questions, comments or reviews please leave them here or email me at info@nathanrae.co.uk as I look forward to hearing from you.