Film 18/52 - Backwards and Forwards

Over the past month or so I have been working so much on my graduation films I decided to put my Experimental Film a Week for a Year project on hold. This means I am now about three weeks behind but the catching up starts now!

I present Film 18/52 - Backwards and Forwards.

It only took Shona and I one practice run and two takes to get this shot right. Although the juggling, balloon modeling and distraction techniques are pretty low skill I like the way our emotions compliment each other at the right points in the action and that the end response was timed so well.

The process of shooting this film really brought home a major lesson I need to learn: Get some actors (performers/volunteers/suckers) and stick to directing and editing. With this in mind I am planning on shooting another couple of films using this basic idea, with a moving camera and a bit more of a story line. Any one want to get involved?