Good News, Bad News!

Good News:
The other graduate film that I worked on, "Performance", is on line and available to watch. You can find it here. I did all the sound design and some of the editing. For some of the scenes, including the second canal sequence, I was not able to record any sounds live at all so everything you hear was recorded and mixed afterward.
Check out some the other films while you're there...

Bad News:
I've had to pull "Lift" for a short while as one of the drivers who picked me up seems to have got himself into a lot of trouble with his employers for picking me up. He's asked me to edit him out of the film entirely, which is a bit of a pain, cos it means loads more work. But more importantly, his contribution was used all the way through to separate the different sections of the film and to help with the pacing. He also tried to sell me breakdown cover. Oh well...
I should have the new version up by the end of the week. You can play spot the difference then.

Other News:
Experimental Film A Week For A Year will be making a return this week.
New website coming soon.
Don't worry, Seren is ok after falling down the stairs, check out her black eye here.