Film 19/52 - iPod Experiment - High Definintion and More...

"While experimenting with the video settings on my iPod Touch I discovered a way to display High Definition footage. I then discovered something a lot more interesting..."

Youtube link for iPhone and iPod users.

Explanation: (Warning Spoilers, watch the video first!)

At my Graduation Show last week I was chatting with a guy who was applying to do the Film and Video Course. When he said he was thinking of including a piece of BTEC coursework in his portfolio I warned him not to. The amount of dull films the tutors have to watch before interviewing applicants, all made to the same brief with no creativity, it drives them crazy. I told him to make a few experimental films, or at least something that which shows he has some original creative ideas. He appreciated the advice and told me about an video idea using 4 iPods side by side to display a High Def film, maybe showing a different character on each screen.

After joking with the guy about stealing his idea and doing it first, I came up with a couple of related concepts of my own. The first was the iPod Stretch: An iPod which can be pull out at the edges, increasing the screen size. I then developed an idea using two iPods linked by bluetooth, one for each eye, for 3D footage to be shown.

I settled on the two ideas in the video, the iPod HD Swipe and the iPod Holo.

The iPod HD Swipe effect was as simple as making a video for the iPod which started as the juggling vid then cut to a solid blue screen after 12 seconds. The Holographic effect was much harder as i had to film each element separately, then track them to the movement of the iPod separately to give the illusion of depth.

Note to self: Next time you film blue screen footage DON"T WEAR BLUE! FOOL!