Film 20/52 - It Passes The Time...

"Casper and Ian from Quirkus pass clubs for a minuet but get very mixed up as Casper is juggling in reverse..."

Youtube link.

We filmed this quickly on Monday night and got this shot after only three and a half takes.  The whole time we were filming Ian had no idea what we were acctualy doing and only worked it out when I showed him Film 18/52 - Backwards and Forwads in the pub.

Unfortunatly the lighting was non existant and my camera work was a bit shaky.  We had also planned to have both Caspre and Ian to "start" with all blue clubs and "end" with all pink ones, but we lost track of where we were up to on the one shot I used.  Whoops.

Music by Jimmy The Hideous Penguin.

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