Should My New Years Resolution be 720i or 1080p?

I've just read an interesting article over on the guardian site about how almost all New Years Resolutions fail for a whole bucket full of reasons. Two take away lessons though are to turn your resolutions into a set of smaller targets and to make them public.  With this in mind, here are my three NYRs:

Body: Get stronger by following the method and do one hundred pushups by end of February!  I've done the first test and made it to 32 before collapsing in a shivering heap on the floor.  I'm also going to follow the same program (divided by two) with pull ups.

Social Media: Start a podcast/blog/YouTube channel and build a sustainable community around it.
Check out to see the very rough first steps I'm taking towards this. The first few episodes are coming very soon. (I'm just waiting until I get the logo and graphics sorted before launching it officially.) 

Pollution and Climate Change:  Reduce my carbon foot print and cut waste. The two main ways we're doing this as a family; firstly we've got new bikes and a kiddy trailer for sort trips. Secondly we're going to stop eating the most criminally carbon/methane intensive, rainforest destroying and inefficient food: Dead Cow. Cutting beef, plus a couple of other things, from our diet for a year reduces our carbon footprint about the same amount as a turning off our central heating completely! For more info check out this great article about cheeseburgers.

I'm sure I'll add comments and updates about how I'm getting on in future blog posts.

Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year to you all! 

Bonus Cute Video: My geek baby loving the Google homepage at midnight last night.