Kids Film Review Launch (and online community thoughts)

Sorry I haven't posted much for the last few days but my family and I have been launching a new project:

The Kids Film Review Web Show!

Check out the website at or @kidsfilmreview on twitter.

I listen to many podcasts and have been wanting to produce my own for a couple of years.  I've had loads of show ideas but before starting I waited until I had an interesting subject that I know there is an audience for.  I've also been waiting for a willing co-host (Shona, now she's not blogging every day) and the time and resources to publish a couple of shows a week. 

As part of my work as a social media consultant I've been advising clients about how to run a podcast and build an audience and community online.  I'm sure I'll learn a lot of lessons from producing Kids Film Review that I can pass on to them.

We are looking to grow our audience to about 100 by episode 5 and to 500 within six months.  On top of the regular audience we want to build a community of parents, kids and kids film enthusiasts on our forum, facebook group, on twitter, etc.  The way online communities grow is by having a core group of "fans" who contribute and interact with the show regularly (about 5 -10% of the audience).  Then when new people check out the show and website, they don't just see a well produced and entertaining show, they find a conversation that they want to join.  We have already had a couple of people suggesting films they would like us to review in the future so we have put those on our Lovefilm list and we'll get to them soon.

Please help kick start this new community by joining the Kids Film Review facebook group, follow us on twitter, comment on the blog and contribute to the forum, etc.  You can find links to all of these over at