Does A Chair Steals The Show?

Today you need to stop what you're doing for a few minutes and take a look at this great short film from Blue Dot Studios in Soho, New York.  Blue Dot Studios is not a film studio or even at TV production house, they design and make chairs!  So why are they making a documentary?  Just watch it to find out...

So how would you describe this film? A fun documentary? A social experiment?  Product placement bonanza?  Well it's all three of course.

The film works as an advert because it is so well put together as a documentary that it doesn't even need to be subtle about the product placement.  Ok, so there's a chair in almost every shot but the chair actually becomes one of the main characters in the story so it fits perfectly.  I know I want one of Blue Dot's chairs now and have been to the website to check out their other products.

Spend a couple of moments thinking about your product or service.  Can you describe it as part of a story?  Remember, people respond much better to stories and anecdotes than hard facts.  Most, if not all, good products can be the starting point of a documentary or non-traditional advert.  Check out Robert Llewellyn's Carpool for another example.


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