Monday Morning Mini Movie: Unmasking Google Streetview

Over in Germany politicians and the media are go nuts over Google generally and the Streetview service specifically.  This is partly understandable due to their recent history with the Stazi, etc but it has reached the insane situations of whole buildings, not just faces and licence plates, being blurred out.  So it's not illegal to take pictures of the buildings and post them one the net, but when google does it in an organised way, it has to be stopped?

On the saner end of the discussion there are activists campaigning against this who have produced a very interesting film.  There is no sound on the video and it starts quite slow but stick around (or skip forward) to the 1.20 mark and you'll be happy that you did.

Did you like that?  Thought you would.

I'd love to make an entire music video using simular techniques but I suspect this will be a larger project than I have time for at the moment.  Back to editing the EJC DVD instead....