Monday Morning Mini Movie: Transformers Done Right...

So today's Monday Morning Mini Movie is a short sequel to the awful Michael Bay Transformers movies:


The big difference and major improvement between this and the original Transformers is that the fight is between the two human gangsters.  Although I'm not a fan of organised crime, at least I stand a chance of caring about one of the guys, with robots from outer space squabling over a widget, not so much.

The Transformers film I'd love to see is two groups of HUMANS are in conflict and both sides are trying to convince the Transformers to fight for them.  This way we'll care about the conflict, see people expressing their convictions about something important to them.  Then we'd see the cool over the top action sequence an the final third of the movie where the Transformers disarm both sides of all their WMDs.


The short film was made by a couple of guys in Russia for a using equipment costing a couple of thousand dollars which got me thinking…

How much would this sequence have cost to make just 2 years ago before the dSLR video revolution?  

Then what about 5 years ago, then 10 years ago, then 15?

If we graphed this line would it go back as a reverse of Moores Law or much steeper?  I'm not sure.


What would your guess be and how cheap will it be to produce a sequence like this in just 5 years time?