Don't hire me for product demo videos! Really?

Modern technology has made the process of producing product demonstration videos both very easy and very difficult at the same time.  Any one with a half baked mobile phone and a cheep computer can get a video onto youtube and embed it on their website.  The chances are the video will not reflect the professional standards you aspire too.  On the other hand, setting your sights too high and going for MTV or Top Gear production values is beyond the skills and resources of all but the largest of companies.  Finding the balance is the key!

If you are planning a two minuet product demonstration video you need to decide many things before you start.  For example:

  • Should I buy a camera or rent one or use my brother-in-laws?
  • Do I write a script or improvise?
  • Do I film myself, use an actor or does the product speak for it's self?
  • Do I film in the workshop, the office or in the location the client will use the product?
  • How do I get the video edited, on line and onto my website?

Then again, do you even need to make the video yourself?  And no I don't mean hire me to make one for you!

Why not ask one of your customers to make a product review and demonstration video for you?

Here's a couple of reasons to do this:

  • Any positive comments about your product will carry more weight coming from a real customer.
  • The video will show that you listen to and value your customers.
  • Viewers will expect a "home made" video to have that amateur look.
  • The product will be seen in it's natural environment.
  • You save the time, money and effort it takes to make one yourself.
  • You will probably receive much more honest feedback about your product from the customers you ask for a video than you would normally.

Remember, although I do offer a complete video production package and can make professional product demo videos, you may find a product demo produced in house or by a customer is the way to go.

If you want more advice about anything I've mentioned here, get in touch.