International Woman's Day Video

Over the last few weeks I have been involved in planning and directing a video of the International Woman's Day celebration in Manchester.  Here is the result:


Directed and Produced by Nathan Rae
Original Music by Michele Harris:
Choreography by Naomi Sumners:

This video had two goals.  Firstly to be a fun activity for all the participants and in this respect it was a major success!  Comments like "It was one of the highlights of the day!" and "We had so much fun!" came thick and fast as everyone involved really enjoyed it.

Secondly it was to be a "viral" video to raise the profile of International Woman's Day.  There were a couple of problems with the filming as a quite a few people had already left the event so the Monastery wasn't as full as it should have been.  Also, some women joined in for the filming without learning the dance (not their fault and they enjoyed themselves as well) but I didn't notice this at the time.  And lastly we only filmed it twice when I think we would have got it much better on the third take.  But over all I'm very happy with the resulting video as we only had one hour to learn the dance, rehearse and shoot which is really not long enough.

And about it going viral?  We'll just have to see.

Next week I'll be releasing a short "Making Of" video as I also filmed the rehearsals.