Mid Month Meanderings #1 Looking back...

... to my leaving Facebook blog post from last week. 

CC Balakov

Amazingly since posting about Facebook only 12 days ago it has emerged that:


I had loads of great feedback about the post from people who had no idea that the privacy settings had changed since they signed up years ago.  I also got some good advice about what to do once I've pulled the plug.  Two of my Facebook friends have even deleted their accounts though I'm sure it wasn't only my post that convinced them.

But even after all this I've decided I'm not actually going to delete my facebook account.

You see there's no way to keep groups I created if I do, the'll be deleted as well.  And also I'm going to need an account for a project I'm involved in over the summer.  Instead of I'm going to use Facebook for "business only" from now on.  You'll still be able see my status updates (via my twitter feed) but I'll only be checking back weekly from now on so if you want me you'll have to email, skype or direct message me on twitter.

Sorry about all the fuss...

(next post will be Mid Month Meanderings #2 - Looking Sideways...)