3 Tips for Effective Video Testimonials

Yesterday I spent the day with Ed Rivis (from www.edrivis.com) sorting out his office studio, teaching him green screen techniques and discussing the future of web video in relation to SMEs.

At the end of the day I shot this quick testimonial video with him and today made it much more effective.
Take a look:
The more memorable the customer testimonial video is the more effective it will be.  With this in mind…
Tip 1.  Keep it Interesting!
All videos should be more interesting or entertaining above and beyond what the person is actually saying.  Show someone something new and they'll remember it.  For example, tomorrow I'm going to be filming some testimonials underneath a Concord at a networking event.
Obviously you may not have the skills for video effects or have an iconic plane to hand but think about what is going on in the background.  Can you ask your client to stand in front of your production line?  Or is there a local landmark that you want to associate your business with?  Get creative!
Tip 2.  Keep it Short!
You only need your client to get across one or two points about your product or service.  60 to 90 seconds should be enough time and never go over two minutes.  If the video ends with the viewer feeling bored they'll come to associate that feeling with your product.
Tip 3.  Keep it Real!
Don't give your client a script to read from.  Don't even ask them to write one for themselves.  Viewers will be skeptical about whose words they are saying and you may lose their trust.  
In the video above Ed stumbles for a second or two as he casts around for the right words to say.  I could have asked for a retake but this makes his words more genuine to you.  Then when he gets to the part where he recommends me, you think that is more genuine as well.  (BTW he was being genuine, I'm just looking at the phycology of the process.)
So remember with all web video and testimonials in particular:
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

I recommend you check out www.edrivis.com where you'll find loads of advice about web marketing.  The great thing about Ed's advice it that it is all backed up by evidence, not just anecdotes.