Last Wednesday Podcast, Pool Session, Hospital.

Last Wednesday evening was busy for me as at 6pm I recorded an interview as a guest on Scott Hewitt's Creative Pact Podcast.  

You can listen to the episode here (about 8 mins) where I talk about some of the 7 Unforgiveable Sins or video production mistakes that I never let my students get away with unless they have a very good excuse.  These are also relevent for anyone shooting videos for their business websites or for video podcasts, etc.


Then at 7pm I went to the first MMU Canoe Club pool session of this accademic year.  

Unfortunatly only an hour in Ben smacked his head off the back of his kayak while doing cartwheels.  The photo above actually caught the moment just before this happened.  The photos below tell the rest of the story.

"What's that on my head?"

"Oh it's blood!"

Pool staff patch him up.

As I was the only person there with a car I drove him down to A&E to get stiched up then went home.  Not how I hoped the evening would go but I enjoyed it anyway.  I may even go back again this week...