Friday the 13th and My Invisible Son

It was five years ago today when Shona and I received a phone call from the Social Services saying that they had a little 3 year old boy who needed a home for a while. This came as a surprise as we had only been added to the foster carer list a couple of days before, we were down to foster five to nine year olds, we hadn't had our Health and Safety check and most importantly, we had not yet met our own Family Support Social Worker. So we said no but after discussing it for a while we called them back and said we could have him as it was only going to for a few months.

Little Jordan arrived a couple of hours later with his Social Worker. He was malnourished, dirty, scared and confused. The Social Worker left us with minimal information about Jordan and very few clothes and possessions. Once he was settled I grabbed a tape measure from the tool box, quickly measured how tall he was and headed off to Asda to buy a basket full of clothes.

When I got back I found him sitting under my computer desk playing with Charis, both in nappies, both very cute.

So now we have arrived at our next Friday July 13th! We celebrated today with a small chocolate cake with five candles on the top. I think we are all super lucky to have a Jordan with us although the journey to get here has been very difficult. We are still waiting for Jordan's adoption to be signed off by the Judge and until then we can't show photos of him online. So for now lucky Jordan is still our Invisible Son.