Film 26/52 - Shelf Stacking

Youtube link.

Being number 26 of 52 this film means I'm now half way through my An Experimental Film A Week For A Year Project.  Unfortunately we are already three quarters of the way through the year.  Whoops.

I made this film after my father in law asked me how I designed and made the shelves for My Isaac Asimov Library as he wants to build some for his home. I got a bit inspired while taking pictures to email him and this film is the result.  I shot the film using Shona's Sony Alpha 200 dSLR.

This is one of the longest shoots (about 2 hours) but one of the shortest edits (about half an hour) so far this year.

Music: Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks

Film 25/52 - Charis Reviews...

Last night Charis and I shot this short review of iPod applications made for children.

Youtube link.

The apps we review this week are MyPaint Free, I Hear Ewe and Peek-A-Boo!
I know this isn’t very experimental in itself but I do have a reason to try out this camera and lighting set up.  It also completes the set of "Never work with children or animals" experiments.  I think this should really be "Never work with children or animals when filming live or using long unedited shots..."

Shona made me add the titles about not letting Seren play for hours because she doesn’t; I just muddled my words up.  The Isaac Asimov reference you'll have to work out yourself.

Lessons Learnt:

1.  Don't get out the iPod while Seren is still in the room, as she will want to play as well.

2.  Don't preplan which apps to review, just do the ones Charis wants to play with.

3.  Get a mic closer to the action (or buy a tie mic)!

4.  Always use really cute and very bright kids when filming!  I have an advantage here obviously...


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Film 24/52 - Juggling For Nelson (or Plinth Juggling Video)

Sorry everyone for taking so long to release this film.  I know a lot of people have been waiting for this one.

I Present:  Juggling For Nelson (or Plinth Juggling Video)

Youtube video link.

This film was shot during my hour on the One And Other Plinth in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 22nd August.
Obviously as I was up there alone the camera was on a tripod so all the camera "movement" you see in the video was created in the edit.  You can see the whole filming process by checking out my profile on the One And Other site.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice, ideas and support!  I'd love to hear your comments and feedback so drop me an email or leave them below.

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Film 22/52 - I Do Weddings...


Youtube link.

I filmed a wedding last weekend and have been editing it since. According to my Experimental Film A Week For A Year rules I can only use footage from the last week for the film.  I haven't really shot anything else so this is it. This may remind you of Film 03/52.

Here's a photo of me working at the wedding...

Film 21/52 - Green Ball Magic

Youtube link.

This is my first experiment with a new special effects pack I bought for Final Cut Pro.  The film is made entirely of still photos which are then morphed together to produce the "movement" effect.  I had originally planned to make the ball reappear then transform into a juggling club, but had underestimated how long it would take to manually program each morph transition. 

I'm planning to do another video using this kind of effect in a juggling video but i'm not sure how.  Any suggestions?

Film 20/52 - It Passes The Time...

"Casper and Ian from Quirkus pass clubs for a minuet but get very mixed up as Casper is juggling in reverse..."

Youtube link.

We filmed this quickly on Monday night and got this shot after only three and a half takes.  The whole time we were filming Ian had no idea what we were acctualy doing and only worked it out when I showed him Film 18/52 - Backwards and Forwads in the pub.

Unfortunatly the lighting was non existant and my camera work was a bit shaky.  We had also planned to have both Caspre and Ian to "start" with all blue clubs and "end" with all pink ones, but we lost track of where we were up to on the one shot I used.  Whoops.

Music by Jimmy The Hideous Penguin.

So what do you think?  Leave comments below or drop me an email...

Film 19/52 - iPod Experiment - High Definintion and More...

"While experimenting with the video settings on my iPod Touch I discovered a way to display High Definition footage. I then discovered something a lot more interesting..."

Youtube link for iPhone and iPod users.

Explanation: (Warning Spoilers, watch the video first!)

At my Graduation Show last week I was chatting with a guy who was applying to do the Film and Video Course. When he said he was thinking of including a piece of BTEC coursework in his portfolio I warned him not to. The amount of dull films the tutors have to watch before interviewing applicants, all made to the same brief with no creativity, it drives them crazy. I told him to make a few experimental films, or at least something that which shows he has some original creative ideas. He appreciated the advice and told me about an video idea using 4 iPods side by side to display a High Def film, maybe showing a different character on each screen.

After joking with the guy about stealing his idea and doing it first, I came up with a couple of related concepts of my own. The first was the iPod Stretch: An iPod which can be pull out at the edges, increasing the screen size. I then developed an idea using two iPods linked by bluetooth, one for each eye, for 3D footage to be shown.

I settled on the two ideas in the video, the iPod HD Swipe and the iPod Holo.

The iPod HD Swipe effect was as simple as making a video for the iPod which started as the juggling vid then cut to a solid blue screen after 12 seconds. The Holographic effect was much harder as i had to film each element separately, then track them to the movement of the iPod separately to give the illusion of depth.

Note to self: Next time you film blue screen footage DON"T WEAR BLUE! FOOL!

Film 18/52 - Backwards and Forwards

Over the past month or so I have been working so much on my graduation films I decided to put my Experimental Film a Week for a Year project on hold. This means I am now about three weeks behind but the catching up starts now!

I present Film 18/52 - Backwards and Forwards.

It only took Shona and I one practice run and two takes to get this shot right. Although the juggling, balloon modeling and distraction techniques are pretty low skill I like the way our emotions compliment each other at the right points in the action and that the end response was timed so well.

The process of shooting this film really brought home a major lesson I need to learn: Get some actors (performers/volunteers/suckers) and stick to directing and editing. With this in mind I am planning on shooting another couple of films using this basic idea, with a moving camera and a bit more of a story line. Any one want to get involved?

Film 17/52 - Colour Catcher

Hi All
I'm very busy at the moment.
This is from the second shoot where I hitched alone to get more footage for my university documentary. I edited this last week, uploaded it last weekend but have only got around to posting it today. Whoops.

[EDIT:  This video has been removed as the RAC guy asked me to remove it.]

As you can see I have played with the colours to draw attention to different aspects of each shot. The last shot is full colour in the cab, transitioning to grayscale plus orange when i get out. I don't know if this is meant to represent anything in particular, I was just experimenting...