Barclays Tech Innovation Challenge Live Stream and Video

I've recently been involved in a complex project for Barclays which involved live streaming the launch of the project to schools in Manchester, Cheshire and Lithuania.  Then I traveled around some of the high schools to record the teams progress.  Then finally I live streamed (securely behind a password as kids were involved) the finals day at Barclays, including the prize giving which was done by The Chancellor George Osborne MP.  

Here's a short 1 min video I made for Barclays covering the full project.

So as you can see not all the shots were shot in the same style as the video is a mix of footage from the live stream, footage shot on a DSLR, footage from the event filming cameras and even a couple of shots from my mobile phone.

Live Streaming Everywhere!

Since my last post I have been very busy with a lot of stuff including having a new baby (Griffin Robert Rufus Rae), officially adopting my other son (Invisible Son -> Real Son), buying an electric car (Reva/G-Wiz), etc.  On the work side of things I have invested in a lot of equipment to improve the live streaming side of my business.

I'm now able to mix live video from multiple cameras plus skype calls to make a professional live stream like I did  at the Manchester Lean Startup Group where Eric Ries called in:

I have also been live streaming TEDx Salford, Hack Manchester and teaching students at Manchester Met how to use the equipment.

I'm also trying out some Google Adwording to send a bit of traffic to the Live streaming page of my website.  I'll let you know how it goes...

Wow I've been busy! (Update)

This is my first new post in ages because I've been so busy over the summer!  Let me update you:

I've produced a series of videos for Manchester Metropolitan University Employability Service with some of my students as work experience (for them not me).  Here's one of the videos about networking:


I've finished editing a series of videos for Autus Website Design.  Here's a documentary I shot about getting a huge Air Conditioning Instillation onto a Central London Hotel in one day:




I spent a week at the European Juggling Convention in Germany producing Juggling Live, a live stream of loads of the shows and atmosphere from the Olympic Park in Munich.  Every day I'm posting a new act or show on the Juggling Live blog and have about 25 Episodes planned for the rest of September and into October.  Here's a great 8 min comedy act which was my favourite short comedy routine at the whole festival:


I've had a family holiday in Wales.

This weekend I am going to be producing the REPLAY Online Juggling Convention.  I'll be streaming all the taped footage from the EJC on so everyone who missed shows at the festival or who missed them at home can view them again.  There will be a chatroom, photo sharing, games, fun stuff and interviews running along side the video stream.  Come join us or watch the video stream here:

Streaming live video by Ustream


This week we have also been doing everything possible to find our poor lost/dead cat Brooklyn which we have not seen since getting back from Wales.  If you see a lost black cat in Whalley Range, let me know. :(

Normal blogging service to resume next week!



Amazing Beatboxing on Juggling Live

Last weekend I spent a few days in Nottingham at the British Juggling Convention producing hours and hours of video content for one of my side projects,


Here's one of the highlights of the convention, an act from the Renegade Stage on Saturday night, which so popular Vid came back the following night and rocked the stage again.  Charley Dancy and Haggis were hosting that night...


For more content from the BJC and last years EJC get over to the JugglingLive site and check out the archive.

The beatboxer on the video is Vid Warren of

Another great thing about Juggling Live last week was working with the sponsors who made it all possible! Check out the Greentop Circus and, if you're wanting to make more money as a performer, go sign up for the How To Sell Your Act eBook.

Shoot Content Once Then Use It Every Where.

One of the best things about shooting loads of content in one day is that you can re-edit and re-purpose it many times for many target audiences and delivery platforms!  Websites, Youtube, Show Room Display, and now, Video Podcast.

Alistair Marshall, a business consultant I worked with last year, asked me to film a series of videos where he sets out his "12 Immediate Actions to Generate Sales and Cash."  He has successfully used them on his website, along with a home page and landing page video, to help grow his contact list and get more clients.

Recently we talked about republishing the content as the first twelve episodes of a video podcast.  Now that all episodes are live and on iTunes, I suggest you go watch them.  I definitely learnt a lot from them and his advice has directly led to making Nathan Rae Production a lot more profitable.

Alistair Marshall Consulting Podcast on iTunesSo head over to iTunes and subscribe or add the following feed to your non-Apple podcasting softwear of choice:

If you need some help to publish an audio or video podcast, or want talk about any other up coming project, email me or dm me on twitter.


Old and New Jobs!

Two bits of news.

Firstly, I have a new job for the next 15 weeks or so at Manchester Met University helping to teach the Contemporary Film and Video course which I completed myself two years ago.  I'll let you know what I get up to but I think I'll mostly be working with the first and second year students, teaching them specific technical skills as well as helping them develop their scripts and film ideas.  The course tutors only secured the funding for the post last Monday and I'm starting this Tuesday, so it's all happened rather quickly really.  Only two days a week, but it should be fun!

Secondly, I recently done some work with the Young Carers Group in Oldham, providing animation workshops and helping the teenagers there make some short films for a performance they a putting on soon.  Here's an example of what one group of lads produced...

I know it's under 20 seconds log but isn't it good?

Live Streaming with Dawkins, Fry and Friends at TAM London

This weekend I'm heading to London for "The Amazing Meeting" with Richard Dawkins, Steven Fry, Tim Minchin and many others.  The event is a "fundraising celebration of science, critical thinking and entertainment!" 

I mention this as I will be Live Streaming some of the talks including Cory Doctorow's, panel discussions as well as interviews with interesting and entertaining people.  You can see the Live Stream and find more information about the event over here:

Follow me on twitter for announcements and schedule info as it becomes available.

Or watch it right here:


If you have any projects or events coming up which you would like to live stream, I offer a full Professional Production Service but also provide training and advice so you can put together your own equipment and run the Live Stream yourself.  Email with any comments or quires.

Ninja Tempei and Live Streaming Editing

At the moment I'm in the middle of editing the DVD of the European Juggling Convention Gala Show.  Lot's of people are waiting for the release so I thought I'd offer  a sneak peek of one of the best moments in the show.

Juggling genius Tempei pulls off an awesome ninja style save after dropping a vetax suicide.  Enjoy!


I'm going to be editing the EJC DVD today (13th Oct).  You can come watch, join in, chat, ask questions, etc. at

Remember to order you EJC DVD from