10km Run Live Stream with Virtual Donations Bucket!

Tomorrow/today I'm running the Leeds 10km race!

Although you can sponsor me on my Justgiving.com Page, I'm not doing it primarily to raise money but more for personal goals eg. to get fit and for the technical challenge. That said, please do consider donating as the money will go to a good cause and I've set my self the target of raising £10k for 10k.

As an experiment I'm also going to be live streaming my entire run from a camera which will be mounted to my chest, giving updates, taking questions and requests as I go. Take a moment to log into the chat window below and send me messages of support as I run!

I'll be live from 8.30am, the race starts at 9am and I'll be finishing at about 10.20am.

I'll also have a Glympse tracking my gps so be able to follow me exactly. http://glympse.com/7DV-E4Y

Please share this experiment with your friends, check in on this post as I go, send me messages of support in the chat box and please donate.

A Sad Day In The House Of Rae

Yesterday was a very sad day for us.  In the morning we got a call from a vets saying that Brooklyn, our 10 year old cat, had been dropped off but was DOA.  She went missing over a month a go and we did everything we could to find her but it looks like she had wondered a long way from home.

I wasn't going to post an actual photo of the dead cat but Shona caught this great shot of one of our new kittens checking out the funny smelling thing on the table.


So after school we went out to the garden and dug a grave.

The girls reactions were very different.  Charis needed to be cuddled a couple of times during the process.

Whereas Seren was excited about digging a hole but sad at the same time but wanted to smile for the camera but was too sad to smile properly.


After burying the kitty and saying good bye we marked the spot buy planting and oak tree, placing a candle on the old stump and sticking a spinny windmill in the ground.  

It's funny that the ritual and significance of meant different things to our 3 children.  Our Invisible Son wanted to put the windmill in the centre of the grave but this upset Seren so much we had to move it to the side.  She saw the stick of the windmill as sticking into Brooklyn and hurting her somehow and was unconsolable until it was moved.  Invisible Son realised that death is death and there was no way to hurt Brooklyn anymore.

Anyway, we have two new kittens to replace the unreplaceable Brooklyn which are about as cute as any thing can be.  But goodbye Brooklyn, we will miss you...

Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday my Sister Leah asked me to set up my white seamless and help her out with a photo shoot.  After Shona had taken pictures of Leah dressed up as a Fairy Godmother (don't ask) she got some great shots of our family as well!  Here's two photos I particularly liked...

Seren the Fairy


Charis and Daddy

I think Shona is about 90% of the way to taking professional level photos with this set up.  With a bit of tweeking, learning to use Apature efectively and me getting out of the way, she'll be there.

Head over to Shona's Photo Blog to see more of her work.

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Out of Sight

Three students from Taiwan have recently released this short animation about a little girl wondering onto an unfamiliar street and into a world of her own...  It's beautifully made and very touching.

Looking at some of the comments on youtube I was amazed that many people didn't get what was going on until the very end.  When did it click for you?

Check out the official site here: http://www.evaty.url.tw/oos/  The site is in English as well.

Solo Shed Flip Video - Made Entirely on my iPod Touch.

Yesterday I found that my shed had blow across the garden a bit by the gales the night before:

As I don't have any friends I had to find a way to flip it back over in to place again without breaking it or myself. Here's what happened:

I shot, edited and uploaded this video entirley on my iPod Touch using the back camera, iOS iMovie, VRotate and the Youtube uploader.  On Monday I'm going to post a video tutorial about how to make iOS iMovie add fade to black, titles over photos and how to flip upside down footage.


10 Year Anniversary

Today marks the day Shona and I were married ten years ago.  Yes we were too young to get married when we did but that's what you do when you are naive and live in a community where it is expected of you.

Anyway, we are presently celebrating by staying in a Castle Hotel without the kids. Yay!

We went out yesterday to take a look at Hardraw Force which you may recognise from the shower scene in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

We also took a drive along a 2000 year old roman road over the moors which was fun and although our Bongo isn't the 4x4 version, it handled it ok.

Tonight we are going to eat the tasting menu at the hotel, drink wine and watch the meteorite shower! 

Haiti Appeal Video

Hi Everyone,

I know all the bad news coming out of Haiti at the moment is a bit depressing but please take a few mins to watch this video. 

I don't normaly talk about the children we sponsor but with what's going on at the moment and as we don't know if they are alive or dead, in trouble or ok, I just had to do my bit to try and get more children long term help and support.

Please make a commitment to the children of Haiti by sponsoring a child yourself.
Start here: www.plan-uk.org http://www.compassion.com http://www.wvi.org