Live Streaming Everywhere!

Since my last post I have been very busy with a lot of stuff including having a new baby (Griffin Robert Rufus Rae), officially adopting my other son (Invisible Son -> Real Son), buying an electric car (Reva/G-Wiz), etc.  On the work side of things I have invested in a lot of equipment to improve the live streaming side of my business.

I'm now able to mix live video from multiple cameras plus skype calls to make a professional live stream like I did  at the Manchester Lean Startup Group where Eric Ries called in:

I have also been live streaming TEDx Salford, Hack Manchester and teaching students at Manchester Met how to use the equipment.

I'm also trying out some Google Adwording to send a bit of traffic to the Live streaming page of my website.  I'll let you know how it goes...

10km Run Live Stream with Virtual Donations Bucket!

Tomorrow/today I'm running the Leeds 10km race!

Although you can sponsor me on my Page, I'm not doing it primarily to raise money but more for personal goals eg. to get fit and for the technical challenge. That said, please do consider donating as the money will go to a good cause and I've set my self the target of raising £10k for 10k.

As an experiment I'm also going to be live streaming my entire run from a camera which will be mounted to my chest, giving updates, taking questions and requests as I go. Take a moment to log into the chat window below and send me messages of support as I run!

I'll be live from 8.30am, the race starts at 9am and I'll be finishing at about 10.20am.

I'll also have a Glympse tracking my gps so be able to follow me exactly.

Please share this experiment with your friends, check in on this post as I go, send me messages of support in the chat box and please donate.

A Sad Day In The House Of Rae

Yesterday was a very sad day for us.  In the morning we got a call from a vets saying that Brooklyn, our 10 year old cat, had been dropped off but was DOA.  She went missing over a month a go and we did everything we could to find her but it looks like she had wondered a long way from home.

I wasn't going to post an actual photo of the dead cat but Shona caught this great shot of one of our new kittens checking out the funny smelling thing on the table.


So after school we went out to the garden and dug a grave.

The girls reactions were very different.  Charis needed to be cuddled a couple of times during the process.

Whereas Seren was excited about digging a hole but sad at the same time but wanted to smile for the camera but was too sad to smile properly.


After burying the kitty and saying good bye we marked the spot buy planting and oak tree, placing a candle on the old stump and sticking a spinny windmill in the ground.  

It's funny that the ritual and significance of meant different things to our 3 children.  Our Invisible Son wanted to put the windmill in the centre of the grave but this upset Seren so much we had to move it to the side.  She saw the stick of the windmill as sticking into Brooklyn and hurting her somehow and was unconsolable until it was moved.  Invisible Son realised that death is death and there was no way to hurt Brooklyn anymore.

Anyway, we have two new kittens to replace the unreplaceable Brooklyn which are about as cute as any thing can be.  But goodbye Brooklyn, we will miss you...

Last Wednesday Podcast, Pool Session, Hospital.

Last Wednesday evening was busy for me as at 6pm I recorded an interview as a guest on Scott Hewitt's Creative Pact Podcast.  

You can listen to the episode here (about 8 mins) where I talk about some of the 7 Unforgiveable Sins or video production mistakes that I never let my students get away with unless they have a very good excuse.  These are also relevent for anyone shooting videos for their business websites or for video podcasts, etc.


Then at 7pm I went to the first MMU Canoe Club pool session of this accademic year.  

Unfortunatly only an hour in Ben smacked his head off the back of his kayak while doing cartwheels.  The photo above actually caught the moment just before this happened.  The photos below tell the rest of the story.

"What's that on my head?"

"Oh it's blood!"

Pool staff patch him up.

As I was the only person there with a car I drove him down to A&E to get stiched up then went home.  Not how I hoped the evening would go but I enjoyed it anyway.  I may even go back again this week...


Wow I've been busy! (Update)

This is my first new post in ages because I've been so busy over the summer!  Let me update you:

I've produced a series of videos for Manchester Metropolitan University Employability Service with some of my students as work experience (for them not me).  Here's one of the videos about networking:


I've finished editing a series of videos for Autus Website Design.  Here's a documentary I shot about getting a huge Air Conditioning Instillation onto a Central London Hotel in one day:




I spent a week at the European Juggling Convention in Germany producing Juggling Live, a live stream of loads of the shows and atmosphere from the Olympic Park in Munich.  Every day I'm posting a new act or show on the Juggling Live blog and have about 25 Episodes planned for the rest of September and into October.  Here's a great 8 min comedy act which was my favourite short comedy routine at the whole festival:


I've had a family holiday in Wales.

This weekend I am going to be producing the REPLAY Online Juggling Convention.  I'll be streaming all the taped footage from the EJC on so everyone who missed shows at the festival or who missed them at home can view them again.  There will be a chatroom, photo sharing, games, fun stuff and interviews running along side the video stream.  Come join us or watch the video stream here:

Streaming live video by Ustream


This week we have also been doing everything possible to find our poor lost/dead cat Brooklyn which we have not seen since getting back from Wales.  If you see a lost black cat in Whalley Range, let me know. :(

Normal blogging service to resume next week!



Old and New Jobs!

Two bits of news.

Firstly, I have a new job for the next 15 weeks or so at Manchester Met University helping to teach the Contemporary Film and Video course which I completed myself two years ago.  I'll let you know what I get up to but I think I'll mostly be working with the first and second year students, teaching them specific technical skills as well as helping them develop their scripts and film ideas.  The course tutors only secured the funding for the post last Monday and I'm starting this Tuesday, so it's all happened rather quickly really.  Only two days a week, but it should be fun!

Secondly, I recently done some work with the Young Carers Group in Oldham, providing animation workshops and helping the teenagers there make some short films for a performance they a putting on soon.  Here's an example of what one group of lads produced...

I know it's under 20 seconds log but isn't it good?

Should a Zombie Game Trailer Make You Cry?

One of the main reasons why this blog hasn't been updated in a while is that our family has been going through a difficult time with Social Services and our roles as Foster Carers.

Anyway, with the back drop of all those emotional issues I have just watched the following trailer for Dead Island, a zombie consol game.


After about 30 seconds I totally forgot it was a game trailer, was computer generated and involved mythical creatures.  I was totally caught up in the story telling.  Then with the "found footage" bit at the end I realised some dust had just blown into my eyes making them water a bit.

At this point in the Oscar Award cycle, this is getting my vote for Best Short Animation!

What do you think?  Is it really that sad or do I just need to go for some therapy? 

"Lift" Award Winning Hitchhiking Documentary Now Online

Welcome back after the assorted Solstice Hollidays and New Year!

It's been a while since I mentioned my documentary Lift as it hasn't been submitted or accepted into any new film festivals since Cornwall in November last year.  I've decided that the film has done well enough on the festival circet and it's now time to begin it's new life under a Creative Commons License on the internet.  


The motivation for this film comes from my fascination with the majority of people who (mostly unthinkingly) refuse to give away things for free, like a spare seat, even though there are many benefits.  On the other hand a smaller group will go out of their way, with some cost, to help complete strangers.  So what is the main difference between the two groups?  I'm still not sure but making this film brought me closer to the answer...


Even though Lift is 18 months old I'd still love to hear your feedback or comments so please leave your thoughts below.  There's more info about Lift's awards and screenings over here.  If you like the film please share this blog post using this short link:

Also, you can rate it on it's Internet Movie Data Base page.


Creative Commons License
Lift by Nathan Rae is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.