The Final Lap - See You At The Finish Line

So I threw in another ultra into my running calendar this summer by doing 7 laps of the Lyme Park Relay race organised by

I was shooting another video most of the way around but also wanted to do a fun stupid video as well.  Then on lap 6 I heard someone complaining about the number of gates and stiles so decided to make this stupid Gates Vs Stiles thing!


I'd really recomend this fun race as it's well organised and low preasure.  I loved it last year and this was just as fun!

Escape from Meriden Plans

This weekend I'll be running about 88 miles from Meriden near Coventry to the Bowling Green pub in Chorlton, Manchester.  I'll be running from Friday night midnight to Saturday midnight. 

I'll be posting photos and update on the Facebook event page which you can check out or join here:

You can track me on the Race Drone here:

Every 10km I'll be adding my time, live as I run.  Look at the "Actual Time" column and compare it to the other columns to see how I'm doing and what my predicted finish time will be.

And finally a map of my route which you can also find on Viewranger here: