25 Gangnam Style Videos In One - Video

It's been a while since my last experimental/mashup video so here is my latest effort: 25 Gangnam Style Videos In One.  See if you can name as many of the 25 as you can before the end credits give you the answer.

So do you need some Gangnam Style parodies, shot for shot recreations, flipbook or minecraft animations? How about Klingon, Zombi or Kim Jong Style? Or try China, Mongol, London or Singapor Style? Well here they are in one go so you'll never have to watch another Gangnam Style video again!


Danny Boyle, The Olympics and How I Screwed A Twitter Campaign

This is a post about how I gained over 100,000 twitter followers in 24 hours, for some one else!  And to make it worse, the account I helped was a fake!

Last night I was getting caught up in the excitement of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  I was watching the BBC with the kids, following along on twitter and sketching my impressions of Danny Boyles awesome work on the iPad.  Here are a couple of pictures I doodled:

The Forging of the Rings

The Forging of the Rings

London Bombings Dance

London Bombings Dance

Over on twitter I saw someone saying Danny Boyle should get an OBE or Knighthood but I thought the twitter army could thank him immediately by upping the @dannyboylefilm follower count.  I had seen a couple of people tweeting thankyous to the account and quickly checked it was the correct Danny Boyle.  I thought a million followers would be a nice round number so sent out a tweet.

Thank  for tonight by getting him 1,000,000 followers by the end of this . Follow him and RT!


It was retweeted a few times but i thought I'd try and recruit a couple of big hitters so I mentioned @Glinner who passed it on to his 200,000 peeps.  My iPad lit up with all the retweet notifications which crashed all three different twitter clients.  Within an hour over 40,000 people had followed @DannyBoyleFilm!


But then people started to ask questions about the @dannyboylefilm twitter account.  Was it genuine?  Would Sir Danny Boyle tweet such illiterate crap?  Graham Linham, some of his more savy followers and I tried to command the tide to recede but it was no use.  By the end of the show it was up to 70,000 and by this afternoon it was over 100,000.  The imposter had also gone back through his time line and deleted over half his tweets and changed his by line to "For fans of Danny Boyle."  Not the most honest of moves.  

But then people started to ask questions about the @dannyboylefilm twitter account.  Was it genuine?  Would Sir Danny Boyle tweet such illiterate crap?  Graham Linham, some of his more savy followers and I tried to command the tide to recede but it was no use.  By the end of the show it was up to 70,000 and by this afternoon it was over 100,000.  The imposter had also gone back through his time line and deleted over half his tweets and changed his by line to "For fans of Danny Boyle."  Not the most honest of moves.  

NHS Celebration Dance

NHS Celebration Dance

10km Run Live Stream with Virtual Donations Bucket!

Tomorrow/today I'm running the Leeds 10km race!

Although you can sponsor me on my Justgiving.com Page, I'm not doing it primarily to raise money but more for personal goals eg. to get fit and for the technical challenge. That said, please do consider donating as the money will go to a good cause and I've set my self the target of raising £10k for 10k.

As an experiment I'm also going to be live streaming my entire run from a camera which will be mounted to my chest, giving updates, taking questions and requests as I go. Take a moment to log into the chat window below and send me messages of support as I run!

I'll be live from 8.30am, the race starts at 9am and I'll be finishing at about 10.20am.

I'll also have a Glympse tracking my gps so be able to follow me exactly. http://glympse.com/7DV-E4Y

Please share this experiment with your friends, check in on this post as I go, send me messages of support in the chat box and please donate.

Is This A Good Idea Ep 002: Thumb Smartphone App

This week Nathan talks about how the Waze ap could make Douglas Adam's scifi technology a reality. But is it a good idea?


Tech Grumps Podcast and Semi Viral Video

Two bits of news today:

Firstly on Monday I was a guest on the Tech Grumps podcast for the 3rd time in the last few months.  This time we talked Apple taking over education, love on the nets and more.  Listen to the episode here.

The podcast is basically an excuse for a bunch of tech enthusiasts (read geeks) to grump and moan about the darker (or just anoying) side of tech world.  The regular hosts include BBC Senior Producer Ian Forrester (@cubicgarden) and David Eastman plus loads of guests more interesting than me.

Find and listen to the latest episode of the Tech Grumps Podcast over here: http://techgrumps.wordpress.com


The second bit of news is that one of the videos I produced at the Munich EJC last year seems to have been picked up in a number of places over the last month and is now getting about 4,000 views a day on youtube. As I publish this it's up to 127,000 hits.

Even after trawling through Youtube Analitics I have idea of reasons for this one video suddenly taking off (apart from it being one of the best acts at the whole festival) and it just goes to prove yet again that video virality is more luck than science.

Any thoughts?

Shoot Content Once Then Use It Every Where.

One of the best things about shooting loads of content in one day is that you can re-edit and re-purpose it many times for many target audiences and delivery platforms!  Websites, Youtube, Show Room Display, and now, Video Podcast.

Alistair Marshall, a business consultant I worked with last year, asked me to film a series of videos where he sets out his "12 Immediate Actions to Generate Sales and Cash."  He has successfully used them on his website, along with a home page and landing page video, to help grow his contact list and get more clients.

Recently we talked about republishing the content as the first twelve episodes of a video podcast.  Now that all episodes are live and on iTunes, I suggest you go watch them.  I definitely learnt a lot from them and his advice has directly led to making Nathan Rae Production a lot more profitable.

Alistair Marshall Consulting Podcast on iTunesSo head over to iTunes and subscribe or add the following feed to your non-Apple podcasting softwear of choice: http://www.alistairmarshallconsulting.com/podcast/rss.xml

If you need some help to publish an audio or video podcast, or want talk about any other up coming project, email me or dm me on twitter.


Monday Morning Mini Movie: Pixar's UP! was made in 1965?

On youtube you can find all sorts of films which have been "Premade."  This means going back through hours of archive footage and recreating a trailer for the film if it had been made decades ago.  The best example of this I've seen so far is Up! premade by Whoiseyevan:

Here are some of the ingrediants mixed into this trailer:

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, *batteries not included, The Red Balloon, Superman, The Wizard of Oz, The Muppet Movie, Follow Me Boys, Mackenna's Gold, Benji, A Boy and His Dog, Mysterious Island, The Doberman Gang, The Alvin Show, Posse, One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, The Island at the Top of the World, Zeppellin, Stephen King's It, Hollywood Hotel, Jonny Quest, Peter Pan's Flight, Habanera from Carmen, Always

Anyway, enjoy!  And if you want more, search for Premakes on youtube.

Monday Morning Mini Movie: Secret Stash

This week's Monday Morning Mini Movie is a day late as I'm on holiday in rural Cornwall and we're suffering intermittent internetability.

This is another video that brings inanimate objects alive which is something I like when it is done especially well.  I particularly like the laptop in the side of the small table and the pile of papers.  The only problem I see with the latter is finding the papers under all the clutter on my desk...


Thanks to the Unclutterer Blog for this one.

Live Streaming with Dawkins, Fry and Friends at TAM London

This weekend I'm heading to London for "The Amazing Meeting" with Richard Dawkins, Steven Fry, Tim Minchin and many others.  The event is a "fundraising celebration of science, critical thinking and entertainment!" 

I mention this as I will be Live Streaming some of the talks including Cory Doctorow's, panel discussions as well as interviews with interesting and entertaining people.  You can see the Live Stream and find more information about the event over here: http://www.tamlondon.org/2010live

Follow me on twitter for announcements and schedule info as it becomes available.

Or watch it right here:


If you have any projects or events coming up which you would like to live stream, I offer a full Professional Production Service but also provide training and advice so you can put together your own equipment and run the Live Stream yourself.  Email with any comments or quires.

"Lessons from Reshoots" or "Aaaarrrgh!"

Over the last few weeks I've been busy shooting, editing, reshooting and reediting a couple of projects.

Re shooting you say?  I thought you were a professional?

Well yes.  But we all make mistakes and some of us even try to learn from them.

The first reshoot was a series of video testimonials I made for Mark at Simply Networking

Last December I shot six or seven videos at the Golftorium event but made the mistake of setting up in a area which was empty and quiet, only to find it full and very noisy by the time I started to film.  After missing months of Simply Networking (doing filmmaking classes instead) I returned to reshoot the testimonials at the Concord Conference Venue.

Lesson to learn?  Always scout a location at the time and day of planned filming to see what the real shooting conditions will be.  And if I can't do this, just use some common sense.

Again, the sound isn't  great as the acoustics of the venue are not optimal (it's a canvas covered structure), planes were taking off within spitting distance and the thunder and rain were even louder.  On the other hand, Concord sets a striking scene. 


The second reshoot was for Go Gel Nails

I spent a day with Heather, a nail technician and a model filming an instructional DVD showing how to use the Go Gel range correctly.  Unfortunately the nail technician had a chipped nail all day.  It was very small and underneath the end of the nail, but as the shot was so tight, it stood out like a saw thumb once I was editing.  I should have noticed at the time but I was concentrating on the sound and lighting, etc. and didn't realise how bad it was.  The nail tech should have noticed but she was too nervous about being on camera.  Heather would have noticed but she was dealing with other issues that day.

Lesson to learn?  Always ask the expert on the subject being filmed to check each element of the production to make sure it is in line with the branding of the product.

If you are interested, here's a video showing how to prep a nail ready to apply a extension: