Fire In The Sky

This is a film of the Fire In The Sky performance which was choreographed and directed by Naomi and Sean from All The Skills. This performance was for Kirklees Council at the fireworks display in Greenhead Park, Huddersfield, on 30th October 2008.

This was a challenging film to produce as because it was:
1. Very dark (F stop open all the way but no digital amplification).
2. Very cold (I had to wear gloves which made operating the camera tricky).
3. Very muddy (I almost slipped onto my backside while walking sideways).
4. All three of the performances were slightly different (which made them difficult to edit together at some points).
5. The black drummers were sitting in almost complete darkness (I'm not being racist or anything here, it's just a fact that filming dark faces in low light conditions is difficult).

You can view this video in standard definition above or in high def here! It is also available for download in HD 720p. Warning, large file size!