I'd Rather Be A Rising Ape...

Any one with a sharp eye might notice that I have a large selection of Terry Pratchett books in my Issac Asimov Library where I shoot some of my videos.  I just love the way Sir Terry thinks and how he writes about belief and faith in his Discworld Novels, especially Small Gods, Mort and Pyramids.  Here is a video of Terry getting metaphysical which ends with one of the best quotes I've heard in months.


I wonder if I can get that quote on a t-shirt, anyone?  (with some funky angels and monkey graphics as well?)

Film 26/52 - Shelf Stacking

Youtube link.

Being number 26 of 52 this film means I'm now half way through my An Experimental Film A Week For A Year Project.  Unfortunately we are already three quarters of the way through the year.  Whoops.

I made this film after my father in law asked me how I designed and made the shelves for My Isaac Asimov Library as he wants to build some for his home. I got a bit inspired while taking pictures to email him and this film is the result.  I shot the film using Shona's Sony Alpha 200 dSLR.

This is one of the longest shoots (about 2 hours) but one of the shortest edits (about half an hour) so far this year.

Music: Making Me Nervous by Brad Sucks